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160 Years Mittelbadischer Sängerkreis

What the Agora was for the ancient Greeks is the Verein (association) in Germany: the place where democracy is put into practice, where you stand up for an idea and get involved, whether through social work, sports, or the arts. The Mittelbadische Sängerkreis (MSK) was founded in 1863. At that time, the middle class had found its voice – against this background, the word "voice training" takes on a completely new meaning. Now it is time to celebrate: all the women and men, girls and boys from the districts of Ortenau, Rastatt, and Baden-Baden up to the district of Karlsruhe. More than 100 member associations and almost 200 choirs that make our lives more beautiful as they rise above themselves within the realm of art. Several choir associations will jointly present a popular program that, to paraphrase a famous saying of Beethoven, "comes from the heart, may it go to the heart!"


Choruses and songs from operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini and others

Estimated end time: 20:50


Michael Anarp Musical Direction
Florian Ganz Musical Direction
Frank Stemmle Moderation
Philharmonischer Chor Baden-Baden
Projektchor des Mittelbadischen Sängerkreises mit Solisten
Ensemble Con Fuoco, Bietigheim


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