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Cultural Foundation

The non-profit Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Cultural Foundation was established on 31 March 2000 by committed music lovers from Germany and abroad, and since then has enabled the ongoing success of the opera house under private management. In July 2000, only two years after the opening of the Festspielhaus on 18 April 1998, the Foundation was able to take over all shares in the “Festspielhaus und Festspiele Baden-Baden GmbH” from the city of Baden-Baden. For patrons and companies who feel a commitment to the Festspielhaus, the city of Baden-Baden and the musical and cultural scene as such, the Foundation offers a great opportunity to make a noticeable and long-term contribution. The Foundation is registered in Baden-Baden as a legally responsible foundation established under private law. The objective of the Foundation is to promote arts and culture in Baden-Baden by providing financial support to the cultural institution Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, including but not limited to its ongoing management.

Photo that shows Stiftungsrat.
Sponsorship Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of persons whose donations have contributed significantly to the Foundation’s financial resources. They are nominated for life at the proposal of the Executive Committee. The Lord Mayor of Baden-Baden is an automatic member of the Advisory Board.

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Sponsorship Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages the Foundation and its assets in accordance with statutory regulations, the articles of association and the decisions made by the Advisory Board.

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Sponsorship Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Cultural Foundation promotes the Foundation’s objectives, including but not limited to cultivating contacts with individuals, official authorities, organisations and other relevant stakeholders. The Board of Trustees is made up of representatives of the arts, sciences and business.

Private Donors

The Friends of the Festspielhaus existed even before the Festspielhaus itself. The public charity, which supports the artistic programme with its donations, is the bedrock of the Cultural Foundation.

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Sponsorship Friends of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

The annual membership fees paid by the Friends of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden e.V. make a significant contribution to funding the programme of the Festival Hall. The organisation also offers its members the opportunity to meet like-minded lovers of culture at numerous social events.

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Sponsorship Festspielhaus Supporters

Supporters of the Festspielhaus give a precious gift to themselves and others. While it’s impossible to put a value on their commitment, members are entitled to benefits and we consider these benefits a great opportunity to say THANK YOU to the entire audience and to make our supporters feel part of the inner circle of the Festspielhaus family. Please contact us!


The Festspielhaus Baden-Baden relies on the financial support of private donations. The sponsorship programme, which brings together our community of donors, sponsors and members of the “Friends of the Festival Hall Baden-Baden”, is open to everybody. Supporters of the Festival Hall have access to exclusive offers, events and other privileges.

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Sponsorship Sponsors

Strong brands present themselves in Germany’s largest opera house. Many possible avenues of collaboration are available. Your business is guaranteed to shine.

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Sponsorship Business pool

The Festival Hall Baden-Baden Business Pool offers businesses the opportunity to profit from the dynamics, prestige and strong media presence of Germany’s largest opera and concert house. Opera, concert and ballet performances provide perfect networking opportunities.


  • Support programme Katrin Pitzer Advisor to the Artistic Director for Donors and Funding Program E-mail: k.pitzer@festspielhaus.de Phone: +49 (0) 72 21/30 13-279
  • Support programme Bettina Schütt Coordinator Friends of the Festspielhaus, Business Circle, and Funding Acquisition E-mail: b.schuett@festspielhaus.de Phone: +49 (0) 72 21/30 13-278

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