Festspielhaus Baden-Baden



A joyful reunion

Traditions should not be broken, and traditionally the Baden-Baden Gala ends the Festspielhaus season. Thankfully however, there is also another tradition, namely that the guests gladly return to the Festspielhaus – and with this we refer to both the audience and artists! In the coming season we will see Rolando, Diana, Anna and many others return to the Festspielhaus stage!» more



Güle Güle, Bassa Selim!

“Smiling, smiling!” is the Turkish response to being farewelled. So it is “smiling, smiling” that Konstanze and Belmonte reunite, leaving the Seraglio unharmed and also “smiling, smiling” that the guests of the Festspielhaus can look forward to returning after the summer break, having previously been captivated by the “Abduction from the Seraglio” starring Damrau and Villazón.» more

Summer festival


Italian journey

Russia and Italy – surely no other countries in the world today could bring to mind more diverse analogies than these two - although there are, in fact, also many similarities. The citizens of both nations are passionate, summer in Siberia can reach temperatures in excess of 40 degrees and in winter, Italy’s mountain ranges are as snow covered as the Tundra. Valery Gergiev and his Mariinsky Ensemble will be crossing these bridges at the Summer Festival in Baden-Baden.» more

Whitsun Festival


Anna was here

After a highly acclaimed gala concert Anna Netrebko could not be stopped on Tuesday night in Baden-Baden. She wanted to meet her fans - despite temperatures around 30 degrees - and around 11 pm. The bath in the crowd refreshed the singer after arias and a duet with tenor James Valenti like a fresh and soft drencher The fans were excited for the second time.» more