Cultural Foundation

The non-profit Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Cultural Foundation was established on 31 March 2000 by committed music lovers from Germany and abroad, and since then has enabled the ongoing success of the opera house under private management. In July 2000, only two years after the opening of the Festspielhaus on 18 April 1998, the Foundation was able to take over all shares in the “Festspielhaus und Festspiele Baden-Baden GmbH” from the city of Baden-Baden. For patrons and companies who feel a commitment to the Festspielhaus, the city of Baden-Baden and the musical and cultural scene as such, the Foundation offers a great opportunity to make a noticeable and long-term contribution. The Foundation is registered in Baden-Baden as a legally responsible foundation established under private law. The objective of the Foundation is to promote arts and culture in Baden-Baden by providing financial support to the cultural institution Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, including but not limited to its ongoing management.


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