Beauty and enjoyment go together. Information about tourism, culinary offerings, and children’s programs.

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Heading tours

We’ve assembled our exclusive cultural tours and Festival Hall packages for you. Upon your request, we will send you the current catalogue and will be happy to assist you with questions and booking reservations.


You would like to visit Festival Hall Baden-Baden together with your choir, your club, or your friends ? Talk to us! We will make you an unbeatable offer – if desired with accommodation and a program around your Festival Hall performance.

For the convenience of our international visitors, we have partnered with travel experts outside Germany who will be happy to provide advice and assistance in your own language to help you make the most of your visit to the Festspielhaus and the Baden-Baden region.

Festival Hall Package

Let us take care of your entire travel arrangements! From purchasing your tickets to hotel reservation, from cloakroom service, refreshments during the break to providing of an evening program – we will organise it for you. Choose the event and express your wishes regarding the hotel – the rest is to us.

Festival Hall Package 2017/2018 & Easter Festival 2018


Club 300 Package


Culinary offerings

A critic once wrote that in terms of atmosphere and service, the Festival Hall Baden-Baden is fully on a par with the city’s luxury hotels. And quite naturally, we agree. A cuisine inspired by elite chef Harald Wohlfahrt and attentive restaurant experts await you at your table before, between, or after the magical musical moments, just a few steps from your seat in the hall.

AIDA Restaurant

The wooden floorboards, ornate stucco ceiling, wall mirrors and imposing chandelier of the “Aida” restaurant make for a perfect setting that recalls scenes from a Henry James novel.


AIDA Bistro

The best rooms are unobtrusive. That’s why one of the greatest charms of our foyer lies in its simplicity. Stairways, pillars, the play of light and shadow.


Aida Bar

The bar’s unusual design combines the atmosphere of the Old Railway Station with contemporary furniture, bar and mirrors to create a unique ambience.


Lobby Bars

A rendezvous with history. This is where the Old Railway Station and the modern part of the Festspielhaus meet to create a semi-public space for all sorts of brief encounters.


Events and conferences

The Festival hall Baden-Baden is a premier location for private (birthday) parties as well as corporate events and conferences. 



Children and young people are the most critical audience – and fewer and fewer of them have a connection with classical music. This is why we take them particularly seriously and bring them into contact with great artists early on. We work with schools and also motivate teachers to make music a “main subject” once again.

The “Columbus” School Project

Our long-running project for children and young people gives schoolchildren the opportunity to buy tickets for Festspielhaus performances at a discount price of €10 per person.



The incredible children's music world of the Sigmund Kiener Foundation in the Festival Hall Baden-Baden awakens the fun of music. Target group are children from five to twelve years.

Mon 26.03.18 Sat 31.03.18 „Ritter Parceval‘‘

Children’s opera by Henrik Albrecht. World premiere at the Theater Baden-Baden. For children age six and up.

Sun 22.04.18 A cake for Elise

The true story of the famous piano piece, told in a new way for children.

Sun 06.05.18 Das kleine ICH BIN ICH

The Bamberger Symphoniker perform Georg Friedrich Haas’s setting of the children’s book classic. For children age five and up.

Sat 23.06.18Sun 24.06.18 Children’s play-along orchestra

To the stars! Even with little previous experience, children can play along in a symphony orchestra with their instruments.

Sun 08.07.18 Jazz4 Kids – Groove for young people

Why do children like jazz? Because they can finally operate the “finger-snapping machine” themselves!

Sat 22.09.18Sun 23.09.18 The Odyssey

Children make an opera. Children’s music festival for ages 10 and up

Sat 27.10.18Sat 27.10.18 MUSA! Small children, big ears

New concert format for the littlest ones. Toddler’s concert for parents with children up to age 2

Sun 28.10.18 Quatuor Beat “Drumblebee”

Staged percussion concert. For children ages 5 and up

Tue 06.11.18Tue 06.11.18 Himmel – Children’s dance theater

Magical dance theater for small children. For children ages 2 to 5

Sat 09.02.19Sun 10.02.19 Children’s singing festival: “Around the world”

Children practice singing songs and then present them on the Festival Hall stage. For children and young people ages 8 and up

Sun 17.02.19Mon 18.02.19 Quartet! A card game with Beethoven

After Glimp and Cellostorm: Amsterdam’s Orkaan Musical Theater is back. Staged concert for ages 6 and up

Tue 16.04.19 Sat 20.04.19 The Little and Otello

Specially composed for the Easter Festival: our traditional children’s opera in the Theater Baden-Baden.

Sat 25.05.19Sun 26.05.19 Klappazong – The Fire-Breathing Dragon

Percussion meets video art. Children’s music festival for ages 10 and up