Wiener Johann Strauß – Gala

Operetta melodies, waltzes, polkas, and marches from the Strauss dynasty

© J. Kendlinger

Dreaming in 3/4 time

Was everything better in the past? No, but some things were more beautiful: you have every permission to indulge during this Vienna Johann Strauss Concert Gala! Strauss’ waltzes and polkas were the musical heart of Imperial Austria. And it’s certainly still beating today, inspiring listeners around the globe. So let’s dream ourselves back to the good old days, to Sissi, a hereditary empire, the Crown of Emperor Rudolf – and Strauss’ world-famous, immortal melodies.

Presented by DaCapo Musikmarketing GmbH

Photo (c) J. Kendlinger

Tickets available from 48 € to 89 €
  • Wiener Johann Strauß – Gala

    • Thomas J. Mandl
    • Österreichisches K&K Ballett
    • K&K Philharmoniker


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