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A man catches fire – and goes up in flames.

His real name was Hans Hölzel. A perfect name for a cabaret artist, but not for a pop star – who also happened to be one of the most dazzling, extroverted, and successful of his kind in Austria. So changing his name to “Falco” was one of his first strokes of genius. The second was his language, a unique blend of Austrian, High German, and English that has become legendary. Falco was more than a singer and entertainer. Falco was an icon, a brand, a cult figure. Our musical follows in the footsteps of Hans Hölzel’s genius, his transformation into a star, and his fall to rock bottom – all in a riveting two-hour show featuring Falco’s greatest hits.

Presented by BB Promotion

Photo (c) Marcel Klette

Tickets available from 49,90 € to 73,90 €


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