Viennese Blood

Konradi and Hengelbrock sing operetta hits

Photo that shows Katharina Konradi 25 C Simon Pauly. © Simon Pauly
© Simon Pauly

One might well think it confers immortality: the Viennese blood that flows through the operetta songs by Johann Strauss II and keeps them young and fresh to this day. For her concerts with Thomas Hengelbrock on October 31 at 4pm and on November 1 at 11am, soprano Katharina Konradi has chosen two of them: “Draußen im Sievering blüht schon der Flieder” (Lilac Time in Sievering) from Die Tänzerin Fanny Elßler and “Grüß dich Gott, du liebes Nesterl!” (Hello, Dear Nesterl!) from Wiener Blut.

Nesterl, of course, is not referring to the venerable metropolis on the Danube, but to the domestic love nest in which Vienna native Gabriele and Count Balduin Zedlau, the envoy of the German principality of Reuss-Schleiz-Greiz, found nothing but boredom and disappointment. In the end, of course, everything turns out splendidly between the two – part of operetta’s immortality formula.

Contemporary Viennese considered the operetta Wiener Blut to be a “vacation Master Strauss has taken from heaven.” The Waltz King died shortly before the premiere, but he himself had supervised the clever compilation of earlier pieces to create his posthumous operetta, furnishing them with new lyrics. Die Tänzerin Fanny Elßler is likewise a posthumous potpourri, premiered in 1934 on the basis of Strauss's sketches. “Today, I feel that something has to happen,” we hear in “Draußen im Sievering,” the operetta’s most famous song. “I'm totally confused, if it happens today I'll go crazy,” the Hagen girl Nena sings 50 years later in the NDW hit “Nur geträumt.” Some things simply never die.

Photo that shows Balthasar Neumann Chor® Florence Grandidier.
Sat 31.10.20 Thomas Hengelbrock II

Program change: Johannes Brahms Third Symphony with the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble

Photo that shows Katharina Konradi 11 C Simon Pauly.
Sun 01.11.20 Thomas Hengelbrock III

Program change: Johannes Brahms Third Symphony with the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble

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