And that was just the beginning

After two fantastic concerts, the anticipation for "Mazeppa" with the Berliner Philharmoniker is great

From the magical beginning of the Oberon Overture to the masquerade and sounds of fate in Shostakovich's Tenth: Kirill Petrenko and the Berliner Philharmoniker began their major fall tour with two concerts in which they were able to showcase the enormous range of their orchestral sound. The audience thanked them with standing ovations - and the press was also enthusiastic about the fantastic cooperation between orchestra and principal conductor Kirill Petrenko, who carry each other to ever new heights.

The chemistry is right here - this will be all the more important for the performance of Tchaikovsky's opera "Mazeppa" with its great choral scenes and a fantastic ensemble around Olga Peretyatko, Vladislav Sulimsky and Dmitry Ulyanov. The week with the Philharmoniker goes on - those who spontaneously want to get something out of it should ask at the ticketing for remaining tickets.

Photo that shows 20211106 Bphil Fsh C Monika Rittershaus3. © Monika Rittershaus
© Monika Rittershaus
Photo that shows 20211106 Bphil Fsh C Monika Rittershaus2.
Photo that shows 20211106 Bphil Fsh C Monika Rittershaus1.
Photo that shows Olga Peretyatko C Dario Acosta.
Wed 10.11.21Fri 12.11.21 P.I. Tschaikowsky: Mazeppa

Berliner Philharmoniker; Concert version of the opera

Updated: 11/11/2021