Tchaikovsky to take center stage in Russian Winter

Valery Gergiev brings opera and ballet to the new Mariinsky Festival 2022

Photo that shows Mariinsky Favorit2«Орлеанская Дева» © Фото Александра Неффа 15. © Фото Александра Неффа
© Фото Александра Неффа

His name has always been part of Christmas time at the Festspielhaus: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Without Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, or Sleeping Beauty, the Mariinsky Ballet’s traditional Festspielhaus guest appearance in the last days of December would be inconceivable. In 2022 this guest appearance will become a festival, in other words: a premiere for “Russian Winter”! It promises to be intense, in the best sense of the word. Because for the first time, Valery Gergiev will be bringing his Baden-Baden audience an opera production at Christmas.

The Maid of Orleans offers magnificent musical drama. Tchaikovsky set Friedrich Schiller's play to music in the grand opera tradition – featuring grandiose choral scenes and lavish décor. The work, which is almost never performed in the West, is the perfect match for the European cultural city of Baden-Baden, as it combines Russian, German, and French artistic currents in the nineteenth century. “Baden-Baden always has a special place in our plans,” says Mariinsky director and chief conductor Valery Gergiev with a view to the new festival. “Russian Winter” promises to be an artistic high point for Baden-Baden and the Festspielhaus.

Updated: 12/30/2021