Ticket at a click

Electronic tickets are coming

Photo that shows 21 01 27 Neue Scanner Fsh. © FSH

The hardware has already been unpacked: a dozen or so scanners are standing ready for music lovers who will soon be able to attend opera, ballet, concerts, and entertainment at the Festspielhaus with electronic tickets. Digitalization is the order of the day – and Ticket Direct is one of the many measures with which the Festspielhaus is keeping pace with the signs of the times.

In the near future, all you’ll need is a click of the mouse on the Festspielhaus website: from initial interest in the program to deciding on one of the events to purchasing tickets, which you’ll then be able to print out with your own computer at home. No more waiting for the postman or in line at the counters for your tickets: thanks to the foyer team's scanners, entering the Festspielhaus will be quick and seamless.

Foyer team leader Jennifer Hüllen sees many advantages to the new electronic tickets – particularly during covid times, but also more generally, since "without postal mailings, it’s simply more environmentally-friendly." In a training course, technical questions about operating the scanners are answered for her and her team. "The fact that our interaction with our visitors will be a bit more 'technical' than usual is something new for us," says Hüllen upon first seeing the recently-arrived scanners. But anyone acquainted with the foyer team leader and her colleagues knows that there is always time for a smile, a friendly greeting, and an open ear for questions from guests – whether tearing tickets or scanning.

Not only the foyer team, but also the technology and ticketing teams are actively involved in the introduction of the new Ticket Direct service – from recharging, storing, and maintaining the scanners to necessary adjustments in the booking system and the design of the tickets to be printed at home. It will thus take a bit more time until the tickets are available online. If everything goes well and according to plan, we should be able to welcome the first guests to the Festspielhaus with electronic tickets at the 2021 Easter Festival.

Updated: 3/15/2021