From residency to dance festival

New dance festival with John Neumeier and the Hamburg Ballett

Photo that shows John Neumeier C Kiran West. © Kiran West
© Kiran West

“We have arranged with John Neumeier to gradually expand the residency of the Hamburg Ballet into a Baden-Baden dance festival in October,” notes the Artistic Director. This will already become a reality from October 1 to October 10, 2021, when not only Neumeier’s two great ballets Death in Venice and A Midsummer Night's Dream will be featured: with the Béjart ballet L'Heure exquise, a two-person ballet selected by Neumeier will be presented at the Theater Baden-Baden. The graduating class of the John Neumeier ballet school will dance in the Museum Frieder Burda, and the National Youth Ballet will offer a Bach program on the Academy Stage in Baden-Baden’s Cité district.

Photo that shows Tod In Venedig 31 © Kiran West.
Sat 02.10.21Sun 03.10.21 Death in Venice

A dance of the dead by John Neumeier freely adapted from the novella by Thomas Mann

Photo that shows Midsummer Film 7 © Kiran West.
Fri 08.10.21 Sun 10.10.21 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Ballet by John Neumeier

Photo that shows Alessandra Ferri Hi Res C Ash.
Sat 02.10.21Sat 02.10.21 L’Heure Exquise – Maurice Béjart

Theatre Baden-Baden: Alessandra Ferri and Carsten Jung

Photo that shows Im Aufschwung Xi Edt C Silvano Ballone.
Thu 07.10.21Fri 08.10.21 National Youth Ballet

Akademiebühne Baden-Baden: Johns´s-BJB-Bach

Photo that shows Prix2020 Choreographer Samuel Winkler Dancer Gabriel Barbosa © Silvanoballone7.
Mon 04.10.21 Absprung

Museum Frieder Burda: Ballet School of the Hamburg Ballet

Photo that shows Workshop Oct 3 © Kiran West.
Fri 01.10.21 Ballet Workshop

Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier

Updated: 7/22/2021