moments that remain

Photo that shows Img 9069. © Andrea Kremper
© Andrea Kremper
Photo that shows Pregardien 11.

HAUSFESTSPIEL was as evanescent as an analogue festival. Anyone who wanted to experience the best moments had to tune in punctually at 8.15 pm between 17 and 20 February. Fears that this was too "old-fashioned" were dispelled by the reactions of the viewers and listeners. "You are my evening concert this week", or "Wine, slippers, fireplace, HAUSFESTSPIEL - what more could you want", we read in the comment columns of the social networks. Here, once again, the best moments of the premiere festival as a photo gallery. Photos: Andrea Kremper

Photo that shows Hfs Intro 19.
Presenter Jasmin Bachmann and Artistic Director Benedikt Stampa listening Christian Tetzlaff (Violin), playing a Bach-Chaconne.
Photo that shows Hfs Intro 01.
An audio-visual festival also needs a test image. Here the view into the hall.
Photo that shows Scool Streaming Fsh 23.
Christian Tetzlaff and participation officer Christian Vierling live-chatting with a class of pupils - even during holidays.rien.
Photo that shows Tetzlaff Doerken 33.
Kiveli Dörken (Klavier) und Christian Tetzlaff (Violine) beim ersten öffentlichen Live-Stream am 17.2.2021.
Photo that shows Pregardien 28.
Up close: The close-ups are an advantage of the digital festival on screen.
Photo that shows 210217 Schnelltest 02.
Things must be done: regular Corona test - here production office manager Markus Boss. Dr Marianne Feja, a member of the Friends of the Festspielhaus, and a colleague provided professional medical suppor
Photo that shows Technik Pregardien 01.
Provided for the composition of the beautiful images: Director Michael Ciniselli in his element.
Photo that shows Vision String 45.
Audience questions and helpful hints about the music: Jasmin Bachmann (here with the vision string quartet) led through HAUSFESTSPIEL
Photo that shows Hausfestspiel Fahnen.
Festival style: The house was decorated like for a "real" festival.
Photo that shows Vision String 43.
The Festspielhaus lighting team of Peter Kanneberger, Konstantin Adam and Jeroen Koeggel provided goosebumps.
Photo that shows Vision String 36.
Great intensity in small ensembles. This went down particularly well with the audience at the screens and speakers.
Photo that shows Pregardien 07.
Julian Prégardien and Éric Le Sage with Schumann and Heine's "Dichterliebe" in the TV studio Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.
Photo that shows Peretyatko 19.
As a grand finale of the HAUSFESTSPIEL, Olga Peretyatko (soprano) and Matthias Samuil (piano) interpreted lullabies from different cultures.
Updated: 3/15/2021