Comeback in the New Year

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden to close until the end of 2020/restart 2021

Photo that shows Seitenaufnahme Klein.

The Festspielhaus Baden-Baden is working on a programmatic three-step plan: closure due to the uncertain situation in the Corona Pandemic until the end of 2020, comeback with new festival weekends in 2021 and return to the world stage with the Easter Festival and the Berliner Philharmoniker.

Artistic director Benedikt Stampa says: "The closure of the German opera houses and concert halls in November 2020 unfortunately forces us to take a longer break. It is completely unclear what the situation will be like in December and how quickly we will be able to make a festival-worthy program possible again. Therefore, we would like to spare the audience and the artists further hectic rescheduling and replanning this year and have agreed upon the longer closure and the scenario for the reopening together with the board of directors of the Cultural Foundation Festspielhaus Baden-Baden".

November lockdown has consequences

The festivals and the Festspielhaus do not have their own ensemble that could be activated within a very short time. A four-week lockdown will require at least as much time to prepare for the program and audience.

The guest performance of the Mariinsky Ballet from St. Petersburg over Christmas and the residency of the Munich Philharmonic in early December were two central projects that will not take place now either. Travel restrictions and quarantine regulations for Russian artists currently make the ballet days impossible to plan. In this unpredictable situation, the lead-time for the Münchner Philharmoniker concerts would be too short.

Starting today, the Festspielhaus will inform its visitors about the possibilities of converting already purchased tickets for November and December 2020 into vouchers and donations. A refund of the ticket price is also possible.

"Second bitter moment"

Benedikt Stampa: "This is the second very bitter moment this year. We had a wonderful start to the season with John Neumeier and the Hamburg Ballet, with Sol Gabetta and the Bamberger Symphonikern, and now we are also looking forward to the Brahms weekend with Thomas Hengelbrock and the Balthasar Neumann Ensembles, which can give us strength for the coming period. Our hygiene concept, on which we had been working for a long time, was successful. To close now is another blow - artistically as well as economically".

The program for the first months of 2021 is to be adapted by mid December 2020 to the then valid regulations. Benedikt Stampa: "We are working on this with utmost urgency. Therefore, musically speaking, I see the time until the end of the year as a 'fermata', a pause undefined in its length, and not as a 'fine'.

The customers will be informed individually. In this context, artistic director Benedikt Stampa expressed his thanks for the great understanding and patience shown towards the Festspielhaus and its team. "Our audience and the artists who are now to be consoled again are my incentive to offer a festival program in Baden-Baden again as soon as possible.”

Updated: 11/6/2020