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Simply mentioning that he is the best jazz trumpeter doesn’t do him justice: Wynton Marsalis is the keeper of the grail of jazz. What this means can be heard in just a few bars from the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, of which he is the conductor. No matter how modern the arrangements may be and how up-to-date the musicians are with very latest, most sophisticated developments: the blues always rings through, along with the origins of the big bands in the city dance halls. At the age of 18, Marsalis played with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, and shortly afterward he surrounded himself with Miles Davis's legendary rhythm section from the 60s. The New Orleans-born trumpeter has never lacked self-confidence, which hasn’t only made him friends. Contentions with a number of avant-garde artists who felt marginalized by his love for the roots of jazz are a thing of the past. At Lincoln Center, Wynton Marsalis and his big band are neighbors of the Metropolitan Opera and New York Philharmonic. Mission accomplished: the message of the importance of jazz has been heard. With these musicians, everything always sounds new and exciting.

The tour is presented nationally by: Jazzthing, Kulturnews

Photo that shows Marsalis Wynton C Piper Ferguson.


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