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Winnetou and Old Shatterhand are on their great adventure, where they have to sneak, shoot, and shiver at the stake. The latter strictly in time – after all, the Karl May classic needs a really cool soundtrack! It will be performed live and has many surprises in store: cinema for the imagination that invites us to join in and laugh along. If you want to experiment with noises yourself, you can go hunting for new sounds on Sunday in the audio drama workshop “The Thunder of Manitu” before the Winnetou show. An unforgettable musical western on two days! For grandparents, parents, children, and everyone who likes to have fun together.

Photo that shows Os Schleichend Ausschnitt C Karl May Museum Radebeul. © Karl May Museum Radebeul
© Karl May Museum Radebeul


Live audio drama by Eike Hahnemann for children from age ten and adults

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