Tristan and Isolde

Autumn Festival 2022: Opera in concert

Is it permissible to talk about a conductor’s fashionable appearance? In this case, absolutely. The black that Teodor Currentzis chooses for his attire is associated with the night, which, in Tristan, is positively charged as a contrast to the day with all its lies and conventions. In terms of cultural history, it represents a turning away from sight and towards touch. The shift began with Romanticism – and this is where Teodor Currentzis's artistic approach is also rooted. Rather than observation, he seeks devotion. And because with Currentzis the exterior is fully substantiated by the artistic results, we too have inferred the essence from the appearance and are looking forward to a performance that is out of this world.


Tristan and Isolde
Opera in three acts
Music and libretto by Richard Wagner

Estimated end time: 22:50


Brigitte Christensen Isolde
Eve-Maud Hubeaux Brangäne
Matthias Goerne Kurwenal