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A synaesthete, the composer Olivier Messiaen truly “saw” sounds, perceiving them as red, blue, or violet. Thanks to this gift, he sought and found harmonies that resemble crystals – with the result that Messiaen’s choral music takes us beyond our usual perceptual world. Of course, even these sounds have their antecedents. Like the Tristan chord, for example, which is why today’s choral concert combines Wagner’s and Messiaen’s music. The superb SWR Vokalensemble will be singing the famous arrangements by Clytus Gottwald, known for his unique adaptations of both lieder and piano music for choir.

Photo that shows Traumgesang Swr Vokalensemble 01 C Klaus Mellenthin. © Klaus Mellenthin
© Klaus Mellenthin


Music from Richard Wagner, Clytus Gottwald, Franz Schubert, Olivier Messiaen and Johannes Brahms

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