Romeo and Juliet

Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Orchestra in concert

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Prokofiev's score for Romeo and Juliet is the Tristan of ballet music. It is so opulently orchestrated and symphonically conceived that contemporaries were certain: this music can't be danced to. History has long since proven the opposite: Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet continues to be one of the most popular ballets of all time. But there is a kernel of truth here. The work is less a ballet than a mega-symphony, furnished with Wagnerian leitmotifs. The “Dance of the Knights” has even made it into the realm of advertising, which speaks for the composer's melodic talent. Valery Gergiev sees the score as a masterpiece of Russian symphonic music, which he will now present for our enjoyment.

Photo that shows Valery Gergiev By Valentin Baranovsky © State Academic Mariinsky Theatre. © Valentin Baranovsky © State Academic Mariinsky Theatre
© Valentin Baranovsky © State Academic Mariinsky Theatre


Sergei Prokofiev
Romeo and Juliet, op. 64

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