Orphée et Eurydice - Chr. W. Gluck

Ballet-opera by John Neumeier

Photo that shows Orphee Et Eurydice © Kiran West.
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The Autumn Festival opens with a personal premiere: choreographer John Neumeier introduces himself to his Baden-Baden audience for the first time as an opera director. By serving not only as the producer, but also as the choreographer and set, costume, and lighting designer, he is being faithful to the composer’s original ideas. Gluck was pursuing an ideal, namely the liberation of opera from spectacle and outward flourish, focusing all the art forms on the core of the drama.

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Christoph Willibald Gluck
Orphée et Eurydice - Oper


Photo that shows Orphee Hauptprobe 18 Kl© Kiran West.
Magazine Season opening: John Neumeier to inspire heart and mind

New era to begin with a cornerstone of European cultural history