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Joseph Haydn: The Seven Last Words of Our Savior on the Cross

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The Marzona Quartet has chosen its program on April 2 at 5 pm in keeping with Good Friday: the musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker will be performing Haydn's Seven Last Words of Our Savior on the Cross. Haydn composed the work as a commission from the clergy of Cadíz, where, according to Good Friday custom, these seven last words rang out from the pulpit with a brief exegesis. The preacher then descended from the pulpit to pray on his knees – seven times, after each Biblical word. Haydn was to accompany these moments of reflection in a musically appropriate manner. For this he drew upon Baroque stylistic devices, from the very beginning in the solemn dotted rhythm of the introduction. The gravity and dignity of the occasion are mingled with individual despair, and an awareness of tradition is combined with the courage to engage with deep feeling.

The Marzona Quartet made its first public appearance at the 2019 Easter Festival in Baden-Baden. Violinists Romano Tommasini and Thomas Thimm join with Wolfgang Talirz on the viola and David Riniker on the cello as the Marzona Quartet, but they have known each other as chamber musicians for many years through active collaboration in other formations.

Haydn's music will be accompanied by a conversation between philosopher Thomas Dworschak, the Quartet, and Festspielhaus Artistic Director Benedikt Stampa. And on this evening as well, moderator Jasmin Bachmann will bring audience reactions from social media into the discussion.

Photo that shows Joseph Haydn Karfreitag.


Joseph Haydn

The Seven Last Words of Our Savior on the Cross

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