Götz Alsmann, Dieter Ilg Trio & Dejan Lazić

Who owns Beethoven? The master’s most famous piano sonatas as they are, and in jazzy arrangements.

Photo that shows Goetz Alsmann An Der Bar Cby Emijeromebonnetf. © EMI + JeromeBonnet
© EMI + JeromeBonnet
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"Who owns Beethoven?" is the question asked by musician and entertainer Götz Alsmann together with the Dieter Ilg Trio and pianist Dejan Lazic. The audience can look forward to an enjoyable and informative evening dedicated to the composer from Bonn.

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Ludwig van Beethoven
Vis-à-vis: Piano sonatas – from the “Pathétique” to the “Tempest,” “Hammerklavier,” and “Moonlight” sonatas, in the original and with jazz counterparts by the Dieter Ilg Trio.