Gábor Boldoczki

Versailles – music at the court of the Sun King

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The difference between baroque music and slipping on a banana peel? Common to both is the loss of control. This is usually accompanied by a pleasant tingling sensation, not on the banana, however (which brings us to the difference), but in the cinema, the disco, or our comfy bed. Great baroque composers were masters of such tingling moments; still today their music reliably presses the right “buttons” in the minds of the audience. Experts talk about a baroque “aesthetic of overwhelming,” and Gábor Boldoczki's trumpet playing proves them right. Anyone who experienced the Hungarian here together with Edita Gruberova will still rave about his absolute control on an instrument that is itself a prima donna.

Photo that shows Agentursagt Nurdieses Gabor Boldoczki Versailles 1© Uwe Arens.


Music at the court of the Sun King Louis XIV

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