Evgeny Kissin

Piano recital, music from Chopin, Berg, Gershwin and Khrennikov

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One of the world’s best pianists in a program that will have both connoisseurs and enthusiasts licking their fingers: this is what we have the privilege of presenting this evening. Evgeny Kissin will first be interpreting Chopin; aficionados have long since mentioned Kissin’s Chopin recordings in the same breath as those of Horowitz, Gilels, and Rubinstein. The Russian pianist will be treating us to a selection of true gems from the composer’s oeuvre – centering around the virtuoso First Scherzo and heroic Sixth Polonaise. Kissin will be dedicating the program’s second half to modern masters, building a bridge from Socialist realism to American jazz.

Photo that shows Kissin Evgeny Pc Felix Broede Emi 2. © Felix Bröde
© Felix Bröde


Frédéric Chopin
Nocturne in B major, op. 62, no. 1
Impromptu No. 1 in A-flat major, op. 29
Impromptu No. 2 in F-sharp major, op. 36
Impromptu No. 3 in G-flat major, op. 51
Scherzo No. 1 in B minor, op. 20
Polonaise in A-flat major, op. 53 (“Heroic”)


Alban Berg
Sonata for Piano, op. 1

Tikhon Nikolayevich Khrennikov
Dance, op. 5, no. 3
Five Pieces, op. 2

George Gershwin
Three Preludes

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