Elīna Garanča

Song and aria recital

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For a singer, opera is related to the lied like duty to pleasure. Pleasure is the intimate. During her lied recitals, even an opera star like Elīna Garanča opens the door to her living room for us. And with Schumann and Brahms, two of the greatest lied composers of all time are the guests. With Schumann, the voice and piano interweave like an intricate web, while Brahms carries the voice securely above the piano’s bass. On her Brahms-Schumann CD, Garanča demonstrated that she is on intimate terms with both masters. With her singing, she represents Clara, the muse of both – in a city that will always be associated with the names of Schumann and Brahms.

Photo that shows Elina Garanca C Deutsche Grammophon 3.


Songs by Brahms and Schumann along with other works

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