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Things fall apart - when the world is coming apart at the seams when truths that were believed to be certain are no longer true, and when structures and authorities that otherwise promised support start to crumble under the weight... what does that do to us, to our families, to our society? In 1919, the Irish poet W. B. Yeats, still under the impression of the recent world war and in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, described in the poem "The Second Coming" the looming disaster of a world in the process of disintegration. Together with young people from Germany and Ireland, we will use music theatre and (digital) art to question the relevance of this almost 100-year-old text to the reality of our lives today. "Things fall apart" is a CyberOpera in which we - students and artists, physically separated from each other in Ireland, in Germany or on stage in Baden-Baden, alone in front of our webcam or the artificial worlds of the virtual reality stage- play and make music together. Trusting in the power of music and the community in our digital reality, we tell about an expedition into a complex world. Micha Kaplan has newly composed the music for "Things fall apart". It is his fourth collaboration with the CyberRäuber Marcel Karnapke and Björn Lengers, who produce and stage the evening with Rob Doornbos. Pupils from the Oken Gymnasium in Offenburg and the Limerick Educate Together Secondary School in Limerick are the protagonists on the virtual stage together with soprano Dana Marbach, cellist Tom Kellner and horn player Merav Goldman. The CyberOpera will be broadcast live via the website of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.

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A months-long school project concludes with a grand final performance.

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