Coronation Mass

W.A. Mozart

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Hollywood, Disney World, grand opera, occasionally a place of inwardness: even the church was secular in the late 18th century which, inspired by Voltaire's freethinking, fought so passionately for tolerance. Mozart, like many of his contemporaries at once frivolous and devout, wrote jubilant, worldly masses. The celebrated Coronation Mass, together with the splendid Vesperae which follow the model of Handel, are the historical counterpart to today's movies: music that overwhelms. In his Fifth Symphony, Gustav Mahler would also go on to combine orchestral chorales and ländlers, as heir to the same Southern German-Austrian tradition.

Photo that shows Duncan Ward No Clarity V2.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, K. 339
Mass in C Major, K. 317 (“Coronation Mass”)

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