Christian Gerhaher

With Gerold Huber at the piano

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Gerhaher sings Schubert – three words that make the heart of every music lover beat faster, given that Gerhaher is considered one of the world’s finest lied singers. His Schubert interpretations have set a standard by which every musician has to be measured. The baritone has titled his program Abendröthe (Evening glow). The romantic Schubert was particularly fascinated by the transition between day and night, when everything becomes unclear, ambiguous. The contours gradually blur, all of a sudden you find yourself in the dark, the moon shines forth – elemental events to which the composer dedicated his most beautiful songs.

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Franz Schubert
Dem Unendlichen, D. 291
after Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock

Der Wanderer an den Mond, D. 870
after Johann Gabriel Seidl

Abendröthe, D. 690

Der Wanderer, D. 649
after August Wilhelm Schlegel

An den Mond in einer Herbstaftert, D. 614
after Aloys Schreiber

Prometheus, D. 674
Mahomets Gesang, D. 549 (1st version, fragment)
Ganymed, D. 544

An Schwager Kronos, D. 369
after Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Abendbilder, D. 650

Himmelsfunken, D. 651
after Johann Peter Silbert

An die Freunde, D. 654
Abendstern, D. 806
Sehnsucht, D. 516
Liane, D. 298
Gondelfahrer, D. 808
Rückweg, D. 476
Beim Winde, D. 669
Nachtstück, D. 672
after Johann Mayrhofer

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