Cello Warriors

Concert for children age six and up

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These heroes carry unusual weapons: a cello and a bow. But those who laugh have doubtless never encountered them before: the cello warriors. Their fight moves amaze martial arts fans, and as their bows clash like swords, the Jedi may as well forget about their lightsabers. Their secret: the power of music, which ensures that the cello warriors emerge victorious from every battle. And what sounds do you need in order to be a hero? Find out in this music theater experience, both humorous and poetic, from the Netherlands. We will be letting the Oorkaan into the Festival Hall, so hold onto to your seats!

Photo that shows Cellokrijgers Choreografie Pim Veulings Glass Oorkaan Cello Octet Foto Sjoerd Derine 04 Webres. © Sjoerd Derine
© Sjoerd Derine
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