Belcea Quartett

From Mozart to the modern age

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The Belcea Quartet is one of the world's finest string ensembles. Which is saying something, since there has never been such intimidating competition as now. At conservatories, string players throng to the chamber music classes. The reason lies in the works themselves: they are the pinnacle, the summit. Who needs symphonies; there the composers are only practicing! This is an exaggeration, of course, but one that contains a kernel of truth. Brahms destroyed 20 quartets before he dared to appear in front of an audience with his No. 1. Mozart, for whom everything was easy, lamented about "great efforts." As for Shostakovich, he turned the quartet into a diary. It is this, too: not only the most difficult, but also the most intimate of all genres.

Photo that shows Belcea Q 010 Marco Borggreve.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
String Quartet in F major, K. 590

Dmitri Shostakovich
String Quartet No. 14 in F-sharp major, op. 142

Johannes Brahms
String Quartet No 1 in C minor, op. 51, no. 1

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