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Beethoven's string quartets were not popular. On the contrary: though people admired them, they were more bewildered by this music and readily admitted that they didn’t understand it. The String Quartet, op. 127 was a different story. Not only did audiences enjoy it, it went straight to the heart – and when Beethoven died, the quartet’s slow movement was chosen for his funeral, the melody accompanied by words of farewell sung by a soprano. In our concert, Beethoven's late work will be heard alongside a Haydn quartet that dates from his Sturm und Drang period. A delightful pairing that will be complemented by a newly commissioned work for the award-winning young Aris Quartet.

Photo that shows Aris 5 C Sophie Wolter.


Joseph Haydn
String Quartet in D major, op. 20, no. 4

Misato Mochizuki

Ludwig van Beethoven
String Quartet in E-flat major, op. 127

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