Alonzo King LINES Ballet

A choreography should be like a crystal: two short ballets from San Francisco.

Photo that shows Alonzo King Lines Ballett C Rj Muna. © Rj Muna
© Rj Muna
Program Artists

With Asia as its Western neighbor, San Francisco’s geographical location explains its residents’ cosmopolitan outlook – one of the main reasons why choreographer Alonzo King chose the city as the home for his ballet company. Yet as much as the artist also draws inspiration from the dancing traditions of the Far East, his work remains rooted in classical technique along the lines of George Balanchine.

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Art Songs
James F. Ingalls Lighting Designer
Robert Rosenwasser, Colleen Quen Costume Designers
Music by J. S. Bach, Purcell and Schumann for mezzo-soprano, violin and piano.

Marion Eckstein mezzo-soprano
Lisa Immer violin
Stefan Leihenseder piano

Figures of Speech
Bob Holman Sound Design