African Angels

The Cape Town Opera Chorus

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“When I sing, I celebrate.” This African saying perfectly describes the resounding art of the Cape Town Opera Chorus. With music that comes directly from the soul, African Angels has more than once reverberated through Europe’s opera houses. When the powerful-voiced singers present the finest from African traditionals, gospel, and opera, we experience the living heartbeat of the African continent. At the turn of the year, audiences can look forward to a concert featuring a new program. With piano or percussion accompaniment, surprising click sounds, and musical selections in German, English, Italian, and some of the country’s many languages, African Angels is as full of nuances as South Africa itself. An original combination of African music rich in tradition, soulful gospel classics, and passionate opera melodies brings us a captivating and atmospheric concert experience, goosebumps guaranteed! “Opera Chorus of the Year”: in 2013 the Cape Town Opera Chorus was awarded this sought-after title at the International Opera Awards out of 1500 nominees worldwide.

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The best of African traditionals, gospel, and opera

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