Annette Dasch fills in

Operetta Gala on 11 February 2018

Unfortunately, soprano Marlis Petersen has been obliged to cancel the gala on 11 February. The Festspielhaus Baden-Baden is delighted to have the opportunity to present our guests Annette Dasch, an equally prominent artist who will be performing alongside Thomas Hampson and Piotr Beczała. She sang the role of Elsa at the Bayreuth Festival and has also made frequent forays into operetta, which is a special art: only the very finest attain the required mastery to make the technically-demanding genre sound easy. The singer, who hails from Berlin, has pulled this off many times, in her television program “Annette’s Dasch Salon” and elsewhere. At the evening on 11 February arias and duets from Die Fledermaus, Der Bettelstudent, Countess Maritza, and The Land of Smiles will be presented, among other works.

Foto: Daniel Pasche

Operetten Gala

Sunday 11 Feb 2018 17:00 H


Annette Dasch - Piotr Beczała - Thomas Hampson

Since what is easiest is also what is most difficult, operetta has always been considered a supreme art form. We, ...