Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

A “Magic Flute” for Children

Children’s opera in the Festspielhaus

© Zweidreieins

© Zweidreieins

The plot of this opera is so confusing that we would like to take the opportunity to provide some clarification. Here goes…Tamino is a textbook example of a hero: youthful, good looking and doomed. Together with Papageno – who manages to draw all kinds of sympathy – they create the “Laurel and Hardy” team in the opera. Whilst Tamino – who faints if he sees a worm – wants to save princesses, Papageno prefers to think about his own rescue - much to the joy of children of all ages who have great fun watching it unfold! This project with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has been put together to laugh at, love and learn. Let’s look forward to this great little Magic Flute together!

Michael Hasel
Musical Direction

Andreas N. Tarkmann
Arrangement for orchestra

Scholars from
the Deutsche Bank Foundation’s “Akademie Musiktheater heute”
Direction, Stage Design, Costumes, Lighting

Rising stars from
the music conservatories of Baden-Wurttemberg


Members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

A project in cooperation of Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, Berlin Philharmonic and Deutsche Bank Foundation.

Remaining tickets available

Children: € 20
Adults: € 30