Every opera and every concert comes with its own story. We want to share these stories with you by providing background information on the stars and the works, and to keep you up to date on any changes to the programme or the cast. If an artist has just added a new piece to the programme, we will tell you about it here!

Bartoli_4783517_Norma_Front_c_Decca_Uli Weber

News from 8.11.2016


As a singer she is without parallel in today’s musical world. Boundaries that are taken for granted in the world ...

Foto Till Brönner_Credit Sony Masterworks Quer 1 Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

News from 4.11.2016

Gold standard

On a bitterly cold Monday in January 1983, four men – three Americans and a German – were sitting in ...


News from 4.11.2016

On winged feet

Daniil Trifonov will be opening the season – one of three concerts featuring the pianist on the 2016/2017 program. Since ...

Bellini Norma Probenfoto Cecilia Bartoli John Osborn Michel Festspielhaus Baden-Baden (c) hans_joerg_michel

News from 27.10.2016

The best in their field

The 2016 Autumn Festival will begin with a bang – Bellini’s opera Norma with Cecilia Bartoli in the title role ...

John Neumeier - Hamburg Ballett

News from 6.10.2016

Moments of destiny

It’s the final days of June 1973. John Neumeier is spending the first night in his new home in Hamburg, ...

Das tanzte schon der kleine John gern, am Plattenspieler im Wohnzimmer seiner Eltern: „I Got Rhythm“ aus John Neumeiers „Shall We Dance?“

News from 15.09.2016


John Neumeier and his Hamburg Ballet will be making their 17th guest performance at the Festival Hall, and the Baden-Baden ...



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